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Date posted 9 August 2011
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Agitation 3.1 is the first chapter of Agitation. Taylor jogs, meets up with Brian, breakfast along the Boardwalk. After another tough day at school with Sophia: Taylor just schives off, heads to the Undersiders hideout to hang.


The chapter starts with Taylor jogging to the Boardwalk on a Tuesday morning. She meets Brian there, and they make small talk about Rachel. Taylor mentions she has to go to school, and Brian tells her that none of the Undersiders go to school. Before she leaves, Brian gifts her the key to the base, inviting her to come around later to train.

Taylor takes a bus to Winslow, inwardly struggling with whether or not to skip school, promising herself that she will at least attend Computer class. She walks to Mrs. Knott's class, but on the way there she encounters Sophia, who sees her and draws a finger down her own face like a mock tear referring to the previous day's teasing.[1] Taylor exits the school, taking a bus back to the Docks.


  • As discussed in this chapter, and shown throughout the story Taylor's power is essentially to control lesser creatures that would broadly meet the category of "bug", this is influenced in part by the collective unconscious which is why she can control arthropods and more.[2]


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  1. Insinuation 2.4
  2. Chiro
    I was wondering as of late, why Taylor can't control Breed's parasites? Is it because they as lifeforms don't fall into the portfolio of creatures Taylor controls, or because Breed controls them already?

    might be as simple as them not being around when Taylor's power was defining what counted as "bug"

    Kyak has it right. Bonesaw talks about how shards conceptualize their idea of what X is when the trigger happens.
    It's why Taylor's notion of what a 'bug' is remains pretty nebulous, including some things (crabs, earthworms, arachnids, insects) and bypassing others (skin mites, bug case 53s).
    And it's not just Taylor- it pulls from the shard network of wider human knowledge across hosts. - Discord conversation Archived on Spacebattles.

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