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Arc 3
Chapter Count 13
Word Count 37,850
Date started
9 August 2011
Date finished
20 September 2011
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Agitation is the third arc of the Worm series; preceded by Insinuation and followed by Shell.


After negotiating with the Undersiders' unidentified sponsor, Tattletale proposes that the team rob the Brockton Bay Central Bank. Her teammates consider the pros and cons, and eventually agree to go through with it.

Still planning to stick with the group long enough to identify their sponsor, but hoping to avoid jail if something goes wrong, Taylor contacts Armsmaster. He's impressed by what she's learned so far, but becomes frustrated when she says she can't tell him what she knows (for fear of alerting Tattletale to her real intentions), and outright balks at the idea of protecting her from criminal charges. He agrees to keep their meeting a secret, but they part on less than friendly terms.

Determined to succeed without his help, Taylor goes ahead with the robbery alongside the Undersiders. They face more opposition than expected, including nearly the full roster of Brockton Bay's Wards (sponsored younger heroes) plus Panacea and Glory Girl. The Bug villainess suggests they attack straight on over trying to flee. Thanks to this strategy the villains manage to escape relatively unscathed with their haul.

Tattletale however has to damage a sisterhood relationship to make sure everyone gets back.

At the wards HQ the Director treats children as adults and gains the enmity of the readership.


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  • Agitation can mean to be bothered, stressed, aggravated, pissed off, take your pick.
    • Here the Undersiders rob a bank agitating the heroes into a response, to say nothing about how the hostages feel.

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