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Advance Guard is a hero team active after Gold Morning.

Modus operandi[]

Advance Guard were known as an "icon" group, meaning that they were one of the hero teams that also pushed an agenda in the civilian sphere.[1]

Specifically, Advance Guard's ideology focused on moving forward and new approaches, leaving behind the mistakes of the old world.[1][2] Their views on what this new world should look like differed from the other notable "progressive" icon team, Foresight.[1]

Advance Guard cooperated with police, sometimes using mover powers to increase their response times.[3] This tied into their larger strategy of fast strikes against an enemy to overwhelm them.[4]


Advance Guard members generally wore the team's symbol worked into the sleeve or breast of their costumes; a stylized person wielding a shield shaped like a ">" symbol.[2][5]

Their costumes tend to have a futuristic look with abundance of angles and geometric shapes.[6][7]


Advance Guard appears to be a hero team with a structure similar to the old Protectorate model of multiple members under sub-leaders; the team that attempted to interfere in Cedar Point was led by ReSound. Mayday was apparently involved with planning their excursions and talking to people.[8] They are an affiliated team with support from The Wardens, and are presumably working with the larger hero organization to deal with a long term problem.

They have an overarching design aesthetic, tending toward bold contrasting colors with angular armor and designs accompanied by full face masks.[9] Each costume is, as previously stated, individualized for the member.


Name Description
ReSound Sonic manipulating Blaster.[10] Possible group leader or sub-group leader.
Shortcut A mover who uses a polearm to draw circles around himself and teleport. Curmudgeonly and assumes the worst in people, generally combative.
Spright Took an uncommon shine to Victoria. A trump who can copy others' mover powers.
Mayday Former Protectorate stationed in Baltimore.[11] Possibly a backup leader, as he took over when Resound was incapacitated.
Siren Male. Dedicated medic without any supporting powers.
Gong Shaker
Chasmal Pushes things into other dimensions. Deceased.
Signal Fire Former Protectorate trained in San Diego with Optics.[12]
Flapper Flying lady, no reference to 1920s here
Prong Striker-duplicator
Tandem Case 70
Mapwright Thinker.
Rescue Teleporter
Scapegoat Revealed to be a Fallen convert.
Blatherskite Teenager
Tailgate Teenager. Portal mover. Vial cape.
Axehead Blitz-Teleporter. Lower tier or peripheral member.
Gunnery Anne Trump who extended the range of other capes powers. Helped train other capes.
Tritium Bench cape. Alexandria Package with unfortunate radioactive side-effects.

There are 60 capes in total, and four tertiary teams.[13]

One of these tertiary teams is Javelin.



They became active following Gold Morning, but the specific circumstances of the team's formation are unknown.

Early Ward[]

Victoria Dallon encountered one of their members, Shortcut, when he was responding to a car crash that had damaged a memorial. The crowd were hostile toward him; Victoria tried to ease the situation and complimented him on his response time.[14] Shortcut took that interaction the wrong way.

Victoria later applied to join the team, but was rejected without a reason being given. She speculated it was because she had a two year "gap" in her records.[15] According to Shortcut, however, it happened because he personally nixed her joining.[16]

A team of Advance Guard members led by ReSound arrived to interfere in Cedar Point, despite not having communicated with the team whose jurisdiction the area fell under. After Victoria and Sveta confronted their member Spright, they agreed to call off their attack and retreat.[17] Mayday attributed their presence in the area to tip-offs from local civilians, but Victoria remained suspicious about who had called them in.[8]

During the Mathers Compound Assault, the Wardens delegated the team to containment efforts. They mainly dealt with the Crowleys' combatants and were beaten by them. At the end of the fight it is revealed that two members of Advance Guard were undercover FallenScapegoat, who was captured, and another who died during the fighting.[18] Victoria later attributed Advance Guard's unplanned interference in Cedar Point mostly to Scapegoat's interference.[19]

Post-Fallen fall[]

The team reeled from the damage they suffered, and vacated their position in the leading trio of The City teams.[20] Later, the team came under political pressure, as Mayday's leadership qualities started being questioned by the general public.[21][22] These losses and hits to morale had a severe impact on the team, cutting its numbers by half.[23]

Nevertheless, Advance Guard continued its activities; on one occasion, Mayday and ReSound traveled to Earth Bet to fight toxic waste-eating mutants, while a team comprised of Shortcut, Spright, and Flapper pursuing the villains Trial and Error.[24] Breakthrough began to communicate with Advance Guard about the possibility of cooperation, and Mayday invited them to help address the latter pursuit; as Trial and Error proved to be more difficult to fight than expected, more teams were called in to deal with them.[25] Mayday later reached out to Breakthrough and confirmed his team's cooperation, following Breakthrough's appearance on Hard Boil (which Mayday had previously appeared on).[26]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

After the incident with The Navigators Advance Guard alongside The Shepherds and other minor teams decided to go directly after the suspects without waiting for more thorough investigation.[27]

They killed attackers that were send after them in subsequent ambushes, alerting the civilians.[28]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Advance Guard was planning to fold in Kings of the Hill.[29]

Some members of Advance Guard were busy with important mission and missed the first assault of The Wardens on Teacher's Compound.[30] Later they were sent out to attack from the north-west, the opposite direction of the first wave Advance Guard.[31]

Gong, Prong, Tandem, Blatherskite, Tailgate, Siren and some others were not among those. They had to to keep up with Teacher's thrall army for hours along. They were stalled, which led to Furcate's group catching up with them.[31] Eventually Breakthrough-led group reinforced them,[32] and they were able to gain some ground.

The Ice Breaks[]

The Advance Guard, their affiliated teams and reserves were present during the rally at the Wardens HQ.[33]

Presumably, they were busy with another titan, but eventually they reinforced the group of heroes, that was fighting titans Eve and Oberon.[34]

Later they joined the attempt to stall Oberon's and Fortuna's Titans converging on the Shardspace entry-point.[35]

They were in the fight with Fortuna's titans, losing Shortcut to titanification and Tritium to The Impaler Titan. Mayday was able to temporarily stall Nemean Titan.[36]

Were present at the anti-Simurgh rally,[37] and the following up battles.[38]

Fanart Gallery[]


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