Tom Moss,[5] known publicly as Acidbath, is a killer of both cops and capes[6] imprisoned in the Birdcage.[1] He acts as a leader of one of the cell blocks.[1]


Acidbath is both sadistic and misogynist, having a personal need for ‘two eyes for an eye’ revenge and disrespecting women, to the point where he can't work with them on a long term basis.[7] Despite his disrespect for them, Taylor notes that he was 'a bit player' before his imprisonment,[8] and indeed, he has mutilated a large amount of girlfriends in impulsive acts of retaliation.[2]

Acidbath is poor at long-term planning, acting impulsively,[2] and being caught up in his vices before his imprisonment, while also acting arrogantly.[8] Despite his personality, his ability to threaten others and his street smarts allow him to command some underlings.[9]

In battle, Acidbath is without fear, laughing and jumping around from foot to foot.[8] His fighting style against Scion is a flailing, reckless, hurried scramble.[4]


Acidbath is a man with blond hair, although he had grass-green hair in his mugshots.[6] Taylor described his stylings as those of 'a rock musician or punk rocker who’d spent a little too much time doing drugs and not enough time playing his instrument'.[8] He has circles under his eyes,[6] and is 'worn around the edges'.[8] He speaks with a coarse accent.[8]

Abilities and powersEdit

A formidable Breaker/Changer-class cape, Acidbath is able to turn himself into a form consisting of clear, highly acidic liquid, strong enough to cause Scion to smoke, roughly five times his original mass.[10][3] In this form, Acidbath is able to move as a tidal wave,[3] reaching speeds greater than that of a typical car.[4] He can reactively turn himself to acid before an attack makes contact, negating some or all damage and splashing those nearby.[11] Acidbath is capable of partial transformations, slinging punches with his hands becoming projectiles,[10] and can fire acidic blasts within a hundred feet range.[12]

Acidbath himself is immune to his own acid power and caustic chemicals, even resisting burns in general, although this protection does not extend to his gear.[13]



Acidbath was a dangerous parahuman, a killer of both cops and capes,[6] who used his acid powers to horrifically scar not just opponents,[6] but girlfriends and girls who rejected him.[2] Even his own brother was not safe from Acidbath's impulsive acts of retaliation.[2] He was one of the rare few who was sent to the Birdcage purely by dint of how despicable he was.[14] He managed to become a cell block leader and keep the position for three years.[8]

Gold MorningEdit

During Scion's rampage, Acidbath is released from the Birdcage, to the great upset of one member of the audience present.[6] Rather than prepare for a confrontation with Scion, Acidbath decides to enjoy the sun.[15]

Acidbath is next seen during the rise of Khepri, during the last battle with Scion. He laughs at Taylor controlling other capes while Chevalier battles Scion,[8] taking over when Chevalier is defeated.[10] He later coordinates his attacks with Black Kaze.[4] Ironically, he eventually falls under Taylor's control.[16]


Was reportedly dead,[5] there was much rejoicing.


  • There are hints that Acidbath is a client of Cauldron, as Doctor Mother describes a sample that gives acid powers, including the ability to turn into a living pool of acid.[17]


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