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“You are being promoted,” he said. “After tomorrow, you will be my ambassadors, my representatives to the rest of the world.”

Accord, Interlude 20.y

Accord's Ambassadors are collectively the personal assistants and secretaries of the eponymous Thinker.[1]

Modus operandi[]

The Ambassadors were formed by Accord in order to carry out his long term plans to benefit humanity. All prospective Ambassadors are accomplished people, or those with the potential to be, that Accord has selected and tested rigorously.[2] At the end of this time they meet Accord's nigh impossible standards and are fully on board for his plans.[3] They are then given top tier cauldron vials, screened, and then have them administered. If they emerge unscathed they join the Ambassadors ranks.

As a supervillain group operating within Boston, Massachusetts, they are collectively Accord's assistants and secretaries, they are almost unbeatable when Accord commands them directly in the field. They wear colorful, tailored, thematic and gendered costumes with males wearing formal suits while females wear elegant if impractical dresses,[4] a final accessory is a badge, brooch or pin that complements the ensemble.[5]

It seems that whenever Accord needs to replace one of his ambassadors he always tries to get one with a similar power to the one before. When he purchases Cauldron vials he asks for those of the same "quality" as his previous purchase.[1] He does not recruit natural triggers, possibly because so few could meet his exacting standards.[5]

They do not commit to impossible causes, unless forced to.[6]


The ambassadors are essentially Accord's secretaries, assistants and errand people. Some, like Citrine, can be empowered to represent Accord in his dealings with different groups. They are also powerful combatants, each considered a major heavy hitter.

PRT Response[]

While in Boston The PRT largely left the Ambassadors alone as they kept the peace in the Cherleston area of Boston, Massachusetts.[7] The organization was aware of Accords violent attitude however, and are essentially classified as a supervillain group.


Years ago,[8] newly freed from jail a former Watchdog Thinker started collecting money and influence to put his plans into motion. He took to recruiting like minded individuals.

He got into rivalries with various villains in the city, notably Blasto.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

The Ambassadors were whittled down to two members after being raided by the Slaughterhouse 9.


After the Ambassadors arrived in Brockton Bay, Accord contacted Cauldron and requested five serums to give to his subordinates. Only four out of the five people he gave the serum to survive; Codex, Lizardtail, Ligeia, and Jacklight. Accord traded information with the Undersiders to get Tattletale to tell them what powers they had before sending them against the Teeth with the Undersiders in order to test these same powers.


Even with Accord's death the Ambassadors continued as a group,[9] overseen by the Undersiders.


Name Description
Accord Obsessed with order and efficiency he is a Thinker whose Plans have been called Tinker like. His problem solving ability constantly adapts, the harder the problem the quicker he can find a solution.[10] Attired in White.
Citrine Accord's best ambassador survived against the S9, reality controller and molder[11] Attired in yellow and namesake gemstones. Deployed to New Delhi. Took over the organization after Accord's death.
Othello Survived the S9 raid. Twinned with a mirror assistant,[12] that is undetectable to all but the sharpest Thinkers.[13] Attired in a formal suit.
Ligeia Geyser and whirlpool portals. Attired in blue and seashells. Deployed to New Delhi
Jacklight Movement redirecting wisps, was not deployed to New Delhi. Attired in purple.
Lizardtail II An exceptionally tall man, he emits a regeneration and durability aura,[14] similar to the first Lizardtail. Attired in green.
Codex Temporary increased her intelligence by stealing it from others with cumulative damage to the target.[15] Attired in white.
Lizardtail I[16] Died during Slaughterhouse Nine raid. He was a Healer.[16]
Cassiterite[16] Died during Slaughterhouse Nine raid. Fired weightless and ricocheting black stars that became spikes to impale targets as they drew near to them.[16]



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    “You are being promoted,” he said. “After tomorrow, you will be my ambassadors, my representatives to the rest of the world.”

    The displays of emotion were well hidden, but they were there. They were pleased.

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    The next page was more details. Personality tests, psychiatric tests, GPA in middle school and high school, post-secondary education, work history. ‘Kurt’ had ascended to the role of head chef at a record pace, returned to school to get a four year education in three years, then started working for Accord.

    ‘Pam’. Contract lawyer for a major firm, made partner at age twenty-eight, stepped down to work for Accord.

    ‘Shaw’, ‘Laird’, and ‘Kyesha’ followed the same pattern.

    “They are going through the vetting process as we speak. Experienced members of Accord’s businesses, on board with his plans, and loyal,” Citrine said.
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    “You’re not expecting me to dress like them, are you?”

    “No,” Accord said. “Truth be told, I fear you could never meet my standards, and I’m going to do my level best to ignore the fact that you exist. You’ll want to keep to the areas I designate and use the back ways out of the building, so that I never see you.” - Excerpt on Interlude 19.x
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    It was only one imbalance, one irregularity, but it had been an important one. It had nagged at him, demanded resolution. He had to prove it was possible.
    Twenty-three years to see it all through. Twenty-three years to bring the world into order. Everything was a step towards those ends. - Excerpt from Interlude 20.y
  9. “We lose nothing, and we gain time,” I said. “Which big guns do we have?”

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  14. Lizardtail’s power was pressing against me, even from the other side of the street. It penetrated my costume to the skin, making my skin tingle and ensuring that I was always aware of where he was. It was like the sensation of standing in front of a fire, just close enough to feel as though that heat had a physical form, just close enough to be bearable. It wasn’t hot, though. It was cold, if anything.


    Lizardtail’s power pressed even harder against me. I could feel the edges of my injuries tingling, the wounds slowly knitting closed. Far slower than they should have been, given the earlier demonstration of Lizardtail’s power. Either he was weaker, or her ability to inflict wounds that progressively got worse over time was taking away from the power of his regeneration.

    Butcher had a grip on Regent, threw him into Biter with enough strength to take the two of them out of the fight.

    Possibly enough strength to kill one, if Lizardtail’s power wasn’t able to outpace the internal damage done. - Excerpt from Imago 21.6
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