Accord is the leader of the Ambassadors and would be savior of mankind.


Accord's power affects his behavior. Specifically, it makes him hyper-aware to disorder and things that are "out of place", so much so that even minor details can drive him to homicidal rage, though he recognizes this in himself and does actively try to contain the urges his power gives where it would be inconvenient to act upon. However, if somebody were to offend him in some way, even for something as minor as accidentally urinating on a toilet seat, Accord would be willing to put a hit out on them.[2]

It is unknown how much of his original personality was subsumed by his power. Though it has left him with an appreciation of the dramatic flair.[3] He further diverts resources to maintaining his professional mastermind image.[4] He did not permit the use of any type of drugs in his presence or to his knowledge.[5] Keeping people from smoking and or drinking anything if he could.[6]

He believed that it was a waste of resources to participate in Endbringer battles.[7][4] In his defense, there was more than enough evidence of this from several decades of battles.

He desperately wanted to accomplish great things. To achieve these goals he was willing to go through large amounts of abuse.[8]



Were friends and work associates.


Were friends and collaborators.[9]


To the public at large Accord is a crime boss within the wealthier part of Boston. To people with an ear to cape business and politics, he is much more than that.[1] He provides plans and outlines for numerous groups and organizations to make sure things run smoothly.[10]

This and his violent attitude were known to the PRT.[11] His high and neigh unachievable standards serve as several switches that can cause him to turn on his allies.[12] Drawing Accord's ire has been compared to getting a Kill order.[13]


Accord is a short man. Barely standing over five feet[14][15] — and tends to dress more like a Businessman or mob boss than like a cape. The one concession he makes to his nature is an ornate handmade wood-and-silver mask, that goes with his tailored white suits and walking cane. The Mask is articulated so that people can tell what expressions he makes behind it.[15][16]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Accord is a Thinker whose intelligence supposedly increases in relation to the size and scope of the problems presented to him; therefore the greater the problem he's given, the faster he can devise a solution for it.[17] This applies to a wide range of applications.[16] From Accord's perspective, his Shard feeds him estimates and information with whatever task he set his mind to.[18]

As a test of his abilities, he devised a solution to world hunger using only a telephone and the internet in less than six and a half hours and in a further nine typed it up into a concise 150-page document outlining how to implement it.[19] His plans are often so complicated, however, that only Taylor Hebert and Cauldron seriously considered using them.[20]

Accord also has a minor sub-talent for creating objects with multiple interlocking parts and a sense of aesthetic harmony. He personally creates all the costumes and masks for each of the Ambassadors, even making the Travelers costumes. His own mask is made of multiple pieces that shift in response to his facial expressions. Similarly, he has created furniture that automatically adjusts itself to the user's weight and posture for maximum comfort, with apparently no electronics involved.[21] This is not a tinker talent however as these are essentially cleverly designed pieces using mundane materials and obeying normal physical laws without physical shard involvement.[22]

His plans have more direct utility. When he personally directs his ambassadors they 'always win'. Further, he can 'accordinate' plans to take out certain individuals.[13]Though his tactical ability in direct encounters is less usable.[17][9] Being able to create elaborate physical and social traps.[4]


Accord's walking cane contains a hidden folded blade. Given time many of his residences will have furniture specifically crafted by him.



Accord originally worked in WEDGDG,[23] an office handling economic oversight within the Parahuman Response Team. He took an afternoon off one day to solve world hunger and devised a plan that would solve it. He turned the sum of his work over to his employer who barely looked at it before demanding that he get back to work. He began siphoning and redistributing funds from his department but failed to account for the other Thinker that worked there. He was caught, imprisoned, and then broken out by a jailbreak specialist.[21]

Nobody that Accord contacted took up his ideas. Government after government failed to read the documents he sent them while no one raised the subject of his work to the United Nations or any major political body.[24]

Accord later decided that he would take the slow, steady path to victory. He amassed contacts, wealth, expanded upon his plans, and spent half an hour each morning to ensure that everything was up to date.[21] Cauldron sent him a friend to get him started.

Boston GamesEdit

Accord had come into contact with Cauldron. They provided him with Cauldron vials and a partner, Detente, with which he formed the Clockwork Dogs, and began to establish himself in Boston. The team arrived at the local villain moot and presented their plans for peaceful cooperation. It was not accepted fully.[25]

They continued working all over the city, trading territories, brokering alliances, and whittling down their weaker opponents.[26]

He settled into the Charleston area that he took good care of.[1] Four years on, the Clockwork Dogs are defunct and Detente is long gone. Based on Director Armstrong's suspicions, it is likely that he faked his own death or simply disappeared once Accord was firmly established.[27]

Story StartEdit

He had dealings with the Travelers, hiring them to attack Blasto's Lab. When Sundancer interrupted the initial meeting he claimed he would have to have the girl killed. Trickster was able to convince him otherwise by offering up the 'true' person responsible for the interruption.[28] After the Travelers supplied Accord with Perdition, things became much more equitable.

Before they moved to Brockton Bay, Accord outfitted the Travelers with their matching red and black costumes.[17]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

In order to push out the newly arrived members of Fenrir's Chosen, Accord called a truce with Blasto; allegedly so that he could construct a powerful creature that would send the neo-nazis out of town, but actually as part of a plot to turn him in to the authorities. Accord's Ambassadors were attacked in the building they were stationed in before either plan could be completed, and the tinker was kidnapped by Bonesaw for her own ends.[29][30] As a consequence of the Slaughterhouse Nine coming to Boston, Accord lost all but two of his current Ambassadors.


Accord and his organization would travel to Brockton Bay where they came under the aegis of The Undersiders. Despite initial hardships, he succeeded in accepting the alliance.

New DelhiEdit

As per the agreement with the Undersiders, Accord attended the endbringer fight in India.[31] Where he met his doom.

Accord was killed by Cody, a former member of the Travelers, who had been sold to the Yangban by Accord. Cody was the reason Accord's meeting with the Travelers had been interrupted when they visited Boston prior to the Travelers moving to Brockton Bay.[32] Cody also grievously wounded Chevalier and Tattletale.[33]


Accord's plans benefited the global populace well past his death. One of his most exemplary subordinates planned to use his designs to save everyone possible on Earth Bet.[34]

Fanart GalleryEdit


  • Accord usually means a treaty or mutually beneficial agreement between multiple sides. Think concord and similar. Fitting into the Clockwork Dogs theme.[35]
  • Despite what misconceptions that might have been brought up by popular fanfiction it has not been explicitly stated in canon that Accord's plans involve moral compromises.


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    “Yes. And you’re letting me mock you for some reason. You’re making a lot of concessions in our bargain here. You have a reason to be doing that,” Tattletale said. “I’m comfortable leveraging that.”

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    “You don’t really care about that,” Tattletale said. “You wanted to wean out the ones who couldn’t cut it. Codex couldn’t cut it. Good at administration, fantastic cook, skilled when it came to managing people, and could even spar, sure, but she didn’t have the wits about her in a combat situation. Couldn’t switch gears.”

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    "Why doesn't it matter?" Sweet Valentine asked.
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    "He's not a precog," Smokey Bandit said. "He can't be sure." "He's not a precog, but he's an exceptional and consistent planner, Smokey," the gang leader said. "Make the most of your next..." The man checked his watch.
    "Shove it," Smokey said, before the man could finish the sentence. "I get it."
    He marched off, with Sweet Valentine hurrying to catch up with him. They left the parking garage, climbing into the van.
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    And you bring the world a little more in order, Trickster thought. Accord was a thinker, and the running theory on his power was that he got naturally smarter as the problems he was addressing got more complex. It gave him an intuitive understanding of groupthink, politics, and convoluted designs. It also made him a local warlord capable of devastating counterattacks. The power failed to grant him the same advantages in a one-on-one fight, and he wasn’t quite the same battlefield strategist when it came to direct assaults. - Excerpt from Migration 17.8
  18. Intrusive thoughts continued to plague him. He’d once described it as being very similar to the sensation one experienced on a train platform, a ledge or while standing in front of fast moving traffic, that momentary urge to simply step forward, to see what might happen.

    Except the thoughts were sharper, with more weight to them, more physical than ethereal. His power was problem solving, and every problem demanded to be addressed. The solutions were posited whether he wanted them or not, one step and hundred-step plans alike. And it never ended.

    Every flaw needed correcting, every imbalance needed to be weighed again. Mediocrity could be raised to greatness.

    The greater the problem, the faster he could solve it. He’d taken the time one afternoon to solve world hunger. Six hours and twenty-six minutes with the internet and a phone on hand, and he’d been able to wrap his head around the key elements of the problem. - Excerpt from Interlude 20.y
  19. Accord nodded, once. “As well as we might hope. We lost Coil, but the Undersiders may serve as a model in his absence.”

    “Good to know. I’ll inform the Doctor.”

    The gateway closed. Accord sat down on the end of the bed, then lay back, staring at the ceiling.

    Coil had been the focus of the test, unaware. The man had also been Accord’s friend, the one who’d sold him the PRT databases. His death had been a tragic thing, on many levels. There were few men Accord considered worthy of being his friend.

    Now it hinged on the Undersiders. They’d taken up Coil’s legacy, after a fashion, and just like Coil, their ambitions fell in line with Cauldron’s. The organization’s hopes rode on them and their decisions. Accord’s hopes rode on them: his twenty-three year plan, saving the world from the worst kind of disorder. In the end, they were responsible for billions. - Excerpt from Interlude 20.y
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    It varies from tinker to tinker. In the tinker's handbook, I break tinkers down into types. Every approach changes in little ways. By and large, however, it's a case where you get inspiration like any creative or engineer might, and as you decide to put it into action, the ideas fall into place in your head.

    Some tinkers might tune out at some point in the process, they might get into the zone, black out, or lose track of time. Other stay lucid but might only do certain things at different points in the project because they 'feel right' or because of ideas in their heads about wanting things to stay balanced or to maintain a seemingly logical flow of A to B to C, conveniently skipping why it was seemingly logical in the first place - if pressed they would have a hard time explaining.


    It seems incomplete because it is an incomplete process. In the background, the shards themselves are taking a hand in things, supplying an extradimensional limb to hold something in place that the tinker isn't wholly aware of, or a power-driven equivalent to a screwdriver in another reality that connects the aforementioned A to B. This is why tinkers have such a terrible time trying to teach others how to build their tech, and why another person can't just sit down at a table and copy everything the tinker does.

    The shards are helping to put ideas in the tinker's head or round out ideas as the tinker has them, supplying blueprints or outlines, or giving them a 'feel' as to how easy it will be to put something together. When the tinker pulls out a tricorder-like device and scans a power signature, the shard helps supply the language and interpretation for the tinker. During the build process, the shard itself supplies a helping hand, or outright takes over at a given period of time, during which time the tinker isn't wholly there (blacked out, in the zone, lost in their work) and the shard is doing the work. Sometimes this is pronounced to the point that the tinker isn't wholly sure what they'll end up with. - Wildbow on Reddit
  23. The Watchdog group is the group Accord belonged to. Parahuman thinkers and investigative bodies keeping an eye on economy, politics and other possible shenanigans behind the scenes. - Excerpt from a comment by Wildbow on Reddit
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    His plans weren’t observably closer to fruition, but he had contacts and he had wealth, and that went a long way. He would take the slow, steady path to victory. The binder relating to world hunger had been expanded on, with the addition of further binders to detailing the specifics. Other sets of binders had joined it, each relating to a major issue: disease, population, government, energy, and climate. He spent an hour and a half every morning ensuring that everything was up to date with recent changes to the economy and international politics. - Excerpt from Interlude 20.y
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    “What did you assholes do?” Burning Sensation asked.

    “We’ve traded territory. Much as the Four moved to Hyde Park, we will take Charlestown. Our numbers have swelled, and in the interest of building connections and ensuring that we can take Charlestown without any incident, we’ll be loaning out our capes to other factions.” - Excerpt from Eclipse x.7
  27. “How do I put this? Some of this is classified, and there’s information I can’t give you. Accord’s power made him very valuable to people who are playing on a level on par with the PRT, understand? I can’t tell you who they are, but Detente is one of them. He’s a powerful individual from halfway across the planet, and as far as we can tell, someone sent this guy to Accord to help establish him in Boston. Detente is liable to disappear or fake his own death. He’s been going back and forth between his roles.” -[Excerpt] from Eclipse x.7
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    “They have names that mean peace and cooperation,” Bar said.. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.3

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