Abhorrors were clones of Brian Laborn created by Echidna. They shared his memories, but, like all Echidna clones, felt a driving desire to destroy everything his original cared about.

Abilities and PowersEdit

One Abhorror was capable of teleporting himself and others through his darkness. Another used globular clusters of darkness that he could twist direction mid-air to hit a target through a small link of shadow between his hand and the sphere, which acted as sticky sinkholes and could also absorb the captured target's powers.


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Various clones of Grue were created by Echidna in the Battle against Echidna.

They were all eventually killed.


  • Clones of Brian made by Echidna are called 'abhorror's in the chapter tags, a portmanteau of 'abhor' meaning a strong aversion or repugnance, essentially grue's name taken to an extreme,[1] and 'horror'.


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