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Date posted May 29, 2012
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Infestation 11.4 is the fourth chapter of Infestation. Taylor visits Lisa's territory and meets her team; together they go to the Merchant festival of blood.


Later that day, Taylor heads to Tattletale's hideout, which is a shelter.

She finds Lisa manning the front desk of the shelter and collecting information from the people coming to the shelter. She's currently working on a map of territories controlled by villains. After marking a territory as controlled by the Merchants, Lisa leads Taylor through a room full of computers and files on capes to her room.

In Lisa's room, they discuss Taylor's relationship with Brian until Tattletale's minions arrive. Tattletale introduces Taylor to Minor, Jaw, Senegal, and Brooks, who were given to her by Coil. Tattletale outlines her plan of having them pose as couples: Minor and Lisa, Senegal and Taylor, and Jaw and Brooks. She explains the need for more guy, hands out Merchant bracelets, and they head out.

Outside, Senegal pulls Taylor closer and Taylor realizes that he's similar to Bitch and he's making her uncomfortable. She tells him to let her go and he eventually does once Tattletale orders him to. Tattletale orders the guys to go on ahead and they hang back to talk.

While walking, they discuss why Tattletale]] brought the minions she did when Dmitri and Pritt were still available and why Taylor's power is sometimes stronger. Tattletale promises to tell Taylor about her trigger event and they arrive at the Merchant event.



  • Senegal is a country in Africa.
  • Taylor's normal range for her power is stated to be around 800 feet (243.84 meters).

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